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Best Status and Quotes

When You Think There Is Nothing Left In Your Life, Just Keep Working Hard Until You Die.
You have no idea how fast my heart beats when I see you.
Be yourself because an original is worth more than just a copy.
I don’t want to be your number one, I want to be your only one
Phones Are Better Than Girlfriends, At Least We Can Switch Off
Love when you’re ready, not when you are alone.
I’m Nobody, Nobody Is Perfect, And Therefore I’m Perfect.
Be a girl with a mind, a bitch with an attitude, and a lady with class.
Be a girl with a mind, a bitch with an attitude, and a lady with class.

Attitude Status and Quotes

We cannot change anything unless we accept it.
When I was born, the devil said “Ohh Shit! Competition!”
My attitude will always be based on how you treat me.
Don’t judge me by my past, I don’t live there anymore
I am who I am. Your approval is not needed.
Please don’t get confused between my personality and my attitude. My personality is who I am and my attitude depends on how you treat me.
I love winners when they cry and losers when they try.
Prove yourself to yourself, not to others.
Love me or hate me but you will never change me.
Don’t judge someone’s attitude until you’ve felt their pain.
I’m not perfect. I’m original.

Sad Status and Quotes

The worst kind of sad is not being able to explain why.
When grief is deepest, words are fewest.
Do not judge. You do not know what storm I have walked through.
When you’re happy you enjoy the music. When you’re sad, you understand the lyrics.
Who hurt you? My own expectations.
“Why didn’t you tell anyone?” “No one asked.”
I need a break from my own thoughts.
People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.
When I close my eyes I see you. When I open my eyes I miss you.
You can’t be strong all the time. Sometimes you just need to be alone and let your tears out.
Sometimes it takes losing something to realize what you’ve had.

Two line Shayari

Yun to kisi cheej ke mohtaaj nhi hum, Bas ek teri aadat si ho gai hai.
कुछ अलग सा है अपनी मोहब्बत का हाल तेरी चुप्पी और मेरा सवाल।
नींद चुराने वाले पूछते हैं सोते क्यों नही, इतनी ही फिक्र है तो फिर, हमारे होते क्यों नही।
उसने हर नशा सामने लाकर रख दिया और कहा, सबसे बुरी लत कौन सी हैं, मैने कहा तेरे प्यार की।
Zindagi me beautiful face wale To bhot milenge, Par beautiful heart wale bhot kam milenge..!!
Kisi ne sacch hi kaha Hai k, Pehla pyaar kabhi Nahi bhulta.
Koi nhi tha aur na hoga, Tere jitna kreeb mere dil ke…

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